Master the Secret of Amazing Style At Any Age in Just 1 Day!

This style guide will make it easier to get dressed...Every. Single. Day.

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Master the Secret of Amazing Style At Any Age in Just 1 Day!

This style guide will make it easier to get dressed...Every. Single. Day.

Sign Up for Style Made Simple HERE

You Need This Course If Your Answer “YES” To Any of These Questions

  • Do you stare into your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear? 
  • Are you busy juggling so many things that you feel like you’ve lost your sense of style?
  • Are you in a style rut and have no clue how to get yourself out?
  • Do you want style to be simple and effortless instead of feeling heavy and depressing?
  • Do you prioritize everyone else before prioritizing you?
  • Is your body changing as you get older, and you’re not sure how to dress your new body?
  • Are you wasting time and money on clothes that simply hang in your closet?
  • Are you tired of looking blah and want to feel excited about style again? 
  • Do you pour into everyone around you, and forget to give love and attention to the most important person in your life…YOU?

What It Includes...


You will have access to...

  • Exclusive, concise style videos
  • Essential wardrobe basics checklists
  • Easy-to-follow style worksheets
  • Must-have closet clean-out guidelines
  • Brand suggestions for tall, petite, and curvy women
  • Curated list of our all-time, favorite, high-quality brands
  • A breakdown of exactly what you need in your closet
  • Important style details you should know BEFORE you shop 

What Women are Saying About Style Made Simple...


HUGE thank you to Kylene for the sweetest review!

How Busbee Has Influenced Women of All Ages


"Got in a style rut after having kids. I'm a stay-at-home mom and find myself just going for the easy cozy comfy pretty much! I used to be such a fashionista. I definitely need help and to get my inspiration back now that kids are all full time in school. Thanks for the tips."


"Thank you for being so inspiring! I now feel good about trying new things because you motivated me to get out of my rut! The last 2 years I have not been pleased with my weight and it seems like I can’t fit anything in my closet! I need to regroup and you have inspired me to do that. Thanks so much!"


"Thanks for all the inspiration in helping me to enjoy being over 40 (59 this past August)! I literally want to take a few days off from work to focus on cleaning out my closet, editing, and learning to wear new trends, one at a time, and just enjoying shopping my own closet!!"

About Erin Busbee

Erin Busbee of Busbee Style is the go-to style expert for dynamic women over 40 who want to uplevel their lives.

Erin started Busbee Style as a wardrobe consulting business, specializing in styling “real” women one-on-one. Now, she focuses her attention online on both the blog and YouTube channel … providing women with the simple tools they need to look amazing! Erin is proud to lead a community of more than 1-million vibrant women in the prime of their lives! Before Busbee Style, Erin was as an award-winning journalist, most notably at WCBS in New York.

Erin has appeared as a style expert on, “Good Morning America,” and “CBS 2 News This Morning.” She regularly works with major brands like NordstromSaks Fifth Avenue, and Express. She was named a “Woman to Watch” by YouTube. And, Erin was even featured in a national spring beauty campaign for Ulta Beauty!

Her most important role…? Being a mom to 13-year old, Gage and 10-year old Elizabeth!

Course Overview

Module 1: Uncover the WHY behind your style challenges.

Find out WHY you’re struggling with your style including common style challenges many women face. Even ONE of these style challenges can throw off your style game, and most of us face more than one.

Module 2: Find out how to develop a strategy for your wardrobe.

Having a plan is key! I share the three things you need to know before you even start to think about revamping your wardrobe. These aspects are crucial to building your wardrobe for effortless style.

Module 3: Discover the only things you actually need in your closet.

A step-by-step breakdown of every single thing you need in your closet. This list isn’t overwhelming…it’s the pieces you actually need to avoid that “nothing-to-wear” problem and make getting dressed easy.

Module 4: Understand exactly what to look for when you shop.

Say goodbye to tags left on unworn clothes, post-shopping regret, and that return pile you never actually returned. Discover how to make every shopping trip a breeze and what to add to your wardrobe that you'll love wearing.


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